We have decided to embark on this adventure in a truly incredible historical period. Everything is confused, heavy, indefinite.

For a series of lucky coincidences we found ourselves: a great desire to do things, a lot of energy and determination and a desire for healthy positivity and beauty! But above all, a lot, a lot of desire to create something precious, unique, special! But why? And how? 

In fact, we didn't have to scramble to find the answer because the common intent was clear, right from the start. 

Doing, giving, creating, building something simple in design (because we don't invent anything ...) but special and unique. How? And why choose a MICHELAMENISTUDIO piece?

The vast majority of MICHELAMENISTUDIO garments are made with deadstock fabrics, or unsold fabrics, discarded (overproduced) by the big brands in the sector. We like to think of transforming what for others is waste into something really special: the garments thus become limited edition, super special and always new editions! 

And then there is the economic aspect (of not negligible importance!). Perhaps not everyone knows that for a small brand like ours, having the opportunity to find excellent quality fabrics at reasonable prices (and in human quantities!) Is really a great business / opportunity. One of the biggest obstacles when deciding to take this path is precisely the purchase of the material: companies require very high minimum productions which, for a small company, are too high and therefore via surcharges, exaggerated conditions, etc. etc. 

Thanks to this upcycling mechanism we are able to create products of the highest quality, collaborating with ITALIAN laboratories in ITALY, with reasonable prices! Reasonable because we are two "normal" girls, who like things beautiful and well done. We work hard to get what we want and understand daily effort and effort. Being able to offer our products at sensible prices was another priority.

"less but better" is our claim and we are proud of it. Once you have tried on MICHELAMENISTUDIO garments, you will never be able to do without them!