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Michela Meni Studio is a project born in February 2021 after a complicated, difficult and tiring year for everyone. But good things always come out a little like this, suddenly and without the time to plan every detail to perfection.

We decided to leave for this new journey: no defined path, few rules, a lot of passion and a philosophy that guides every step. We want to do something beautiful, new and right for us and for those who want to embrace our idea.
Revolutionize something that already exists, with the addition of essential values.

We often repeat this mantra, “Less, but better”, because we strongly believe that returning to giving importance to “things” is really fundamental. Taking up this philosophy, once an obligatory choice, of having less but with more quality today becomes a gesture of depth, a demonstration of attention and respect towards who we are and what surrounds us. we decide to let it into our life - clothes are a prime example because they live with us on our skin! - it is important to safeguard, in our small way, the whole world around us.

The collections are exclusive and made up of a limited number of pieces. They are almost unique garments, made with care and passion in Italian laboratories, guaranteeing real sustainability also from a human point of view. To avoid further waste, we have decided to work in pre-order which means that, from the moment of purchase we need 12/14 days to manage the production of the garment but, by now we have the proof, we are sure that the wait it's worth it!

We love details and things done right, as they used to be and to offer you the best and, to ensure this standard we need time. Of course, today we are confronted with mammoth realities that work at an impressive speed but we are not sure if this is the right way because to do well, with attention and dedication, with passion and care, time is of the essence.


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If you have any questions about your order, our products and services, or if you have other requests for information about MICHELAMENISTUDIO, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email: